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20 Best Grammar Games: Ultimate App List

Grammar games for adults are a great way to learn more about the english language and parts of speech. Whether you need a refresher or if you are working to have a better comprehension of writing.

Most of the available apps are quiz based so that you can test yourself on what you are reading and learning.

Also available in the app store are grammar games for kids. The kids versions are more gameplay related, adding superheroes, giving parts of speech human qualities or just finding a way to make learning english and grammar fun. Kid’s apps also allow you to add multiple children to the game, so they can all take turns playing along and learning.

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If you are interested in seeing how you or your children are doing, then look for an app that tracks progress. Most of the apps below support that feature and can give you progress reports on how many right and wrong answers you are accumulating while playing. This is a great feature for teachers or speech therapists that want to see how well kids are learning and retaining the information.

Many of these grammar game apps come highly rated and are packed full of content for learning and having fun. If you are looking for a more well rounded app, some of the ones below will offer a little more content for spelling and vocabulary.

20 Best Grammar Games for Kids (and Adults)

1. Sentence Ninja

Sentence Ninja

Play with others when you use the Sentence Ninja app. This game was created by therapy specialist to help kids learn about sentence structures in a fun game environment. This app is multi-player friendly and offers 39 levels of increasing difficulty. The app collects progress and data for each student and it is compatible with Therapy Report Center.

Available for: iOS

2. Grammar Express: Tenses Lite

Grammar Express: Tenses Lite

Choose your topic and begin learning with the Grammar Express Tenses app. This app provides quizzes that give detailed feedback and explanations at the end of each quiz. You can also use the mock test mode to answer questions that are randomly picked from all the topics.

Available for: iOS and Android

3. Smashing Grammar

Smashing Grammar

Grammar games for kids should excite them and be a fun way to learn. With the Smashing Grammar app, kids finally get that when they smash the nouns, shatter the syllables and crush the verbs. Kids can play one of six games like syllable spaghetti, spelling slumber party, plural piggies and more. Smashing Grammar offers sound effects, music and outlandish voiceovers.

Available for: iOS

4. Speech with Milo: Verbs

Speech with Milo

Speech with Milo is an educational app that was developed as a speech therapy tool to help young children. The app has instructions for parents and speech therapists with a range of features that motivates kids to learn. Milo is an animated mouse designed to keep kids focused on developing their language skills.

Available for: iOS and Android

5. iTouch 5th Grade: Language Arts

iTooch 5th Grade

Created for a fifth grade learning level, the iTouch 5th Grade app pulls together core information and puts it at your child’s fingertips. With this app they will learn about grammar, verbs, vocabulary and spelling. There are over 44 chapters that have lessons, examples and figures.

Available for: iOS and Android

6. Pronoun HeroesPronoun Heroes

Aimed towards kids, this superhero themed grammar game is sure to make learning fun. With Pronoun Heroes kids are able to learn about what pronouns are, and how to identify and use them in sentences. There are four different activities for kids to play, that will help them learn and understand the different aspects of pronouns.

Available for: iOS

7. English Grammar Quiz – Learn Together

English Grammar Quiz

Teach yourself important grammar lessons or just quiz yourself to recall some basic principles with the English Grammar Quiz app. This app is free to download and offers 150 questions in multiple choice format. You can choose between easy, medium or a timed hard level depending on how you want to test yourself. Gramma games for kids and adults are a great way to learn while having fun.

Available for: iOS

8. Grammar Express

Grammar Express

Learn the difference between an active and passive voice with the Grammar Express app. This free app teaches you how to understand the tenses of sentences and allows you to master the how to’s of transforming them. You can do timed or untimed practice tests. The app will track your progress as you use it to let you see how you have improved over time.

Available for: iOS and Android

9. Grammaropolis

Grammaropolis - Complete Edition

Grammaropolis adds a touch of humanity to learning about the different parts of a sentence. This fun app for kids uses animated characters with their own personalities to represent parts of speech. Packed full of songs, books, videos and quizzes, this game is great for kids to learn while having fun.

Available for: iOS and Android

10. Grammar Up

Grammar Up

Pick your topic and start learning with a fun sentence diagramming games app. Grammar up has over 1800 questions that are all sorted into twenty different grammar categories. You can choose to brush up on adverbs, verb tense, prepositions, causative verbs and many more. You can also add a timer to the quizzes to push yourself.

Available for: iOS and Android

11. Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl

Get an exclusive ad-free podcast with the Grammar Girl app. This app gives you instant access to the podcast show each week and also includes exclusives such as wallpapers, notifications about upcoming events and free book excerpts. The Grammar Girl podcast has been in iTunes top 100 for three years.

Available for: iOS

12. Grow Grammar

grow grammar

Grow Grammar is a great way for kids to learn how to break down sentence structures. Sentences are written across the top and a tree chart grows beneath it, showing what value each word in the sentence has. Kids can do challenges or just go at their own pace.

Available for: iOS

13. Train your Brain – English Comp and Grammar

Train Your Brain-English Comprehension and GrammarUse tests and quizzes to learn grammar or to brush up on your old skills with the Train your Brain app. Included are mock tests, over 600 multiple choice questions, explanations with every answer and a progress meter. You can choose how many questions you want to answer for each quiz, so that you enjoy short bursts or long times spent learning.

Available for: iOS and Android

14. Practice English Grammar

Practice English Grammar

Practice English Grammar has grammar games for adults who want to brush up on, or learn more about English. Included are over 1000 questions, more than 750 flash cards, grammar articles, detailed feedback on answers and daily practice sessions. You can choose from various topics to test yourself.

Available for: iOS and Android

15. Jumbled Sentences 4

Jumbled Sentences 4

Think outside the box with Jumbled Sentences 4. This free app for kids, shows a picture and random words. Kids must use each word to form a sentence based on the picture. For each correct answer they will get gold in game coins that they can use later for stickers or buying hints on harder levels.

Available for: iOS

16. Grammar Express: Parts of Speech

Grammar Express: Parts of Speech

A great option for older kids and adults, Grammar Express: Parts of Speech will give them a great understanding of how to identify and use parts of speech in sentences. This app contains over 130 pages of lessons and more than 1000 examples of the grammar rule. Test yourself with 800 questions and full explanations.

Available for: iOS

17. iPractice Verbs

iPractice Verbs

Get to work on your verbs with the iPractice Verbs app. This app focuses solely on learning verbs in the present, past and progressive tenses. The app offers two ways to play, a flashcard activity that focuses on helping kids learn the verbs and a find it quiz like activity that gives them multiple choice answers.

Available for: iOS

18. Grammarman


Grammar games for adults encourage learning and fun. Grammarman is a comic book hero that fights English on a daily basis. There are twenty comic strips and each ends with a challenge. Also included are hundreds of quiz questions, study tips and helpful hints.

Available for: iOS

19. Fun English: Language Lessons for Kids

Fun English (SE): Language Lessons for Kids

Learn english and proper uses of grammar with the Fun English app. Designed to help teach the english language to individuals learning to speak english, this app offers great games and lessons to keep them engaged. There are twelve language lessons to choose from that range from colors and numbers to animals and vehicles.

Available for: iOS and Android

20. Grammar and Vocabulary!

Kids Vocabulary, Grammar & Language learning games

Give your preschooler a jump start with the Grammar and Vocabulary app. This fun game features self adjusting levels of difficulty, over 200 fun rewards for motivation and a cross curricular game that allows your child to learn math, science, literacy, language and more. You can add up to 4 children per account.

Available for: iOS