25 Best Augmented Reality Apps (Some games like Pokemon Go)

WIZAR Augmented Reality Apps
Augmented reality apps for kids and adults are a great way to connect your digital and real life. These apps ...
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20 Apps Making Programming for Kids Exciting (Updated 2017)

How can programming for kids be fun? Through play, of course, and what better way than through apps! Learning to code ...
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20 Best Online Presentation Tools for Students

haiku deck
There are some fantastic online presentation tools for students that allow users to mix media and create engaging, fun and ...
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10 Best 3D Building Games for Kids: Apps and Games like Minecraft

10 Best 3D Building Games for Kids: Apps and Games like Minecraft
Build a fort! A treehouse! A fort on top of a treehouse surrounded by a moat filled with molten lava! ...
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14 Best Geometry Apps (Updated 2017)

geometry apps
Geometry apps are a great way to jumpstart your kids learning and understanding of basic shapes and theorems. Whether you ...
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20 Best Grammar Games: Ultimate App List

Sentence Ninja
Grammar games for adults are a great way to learn more about the english language and parts of speech. Whether ...
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6 Apps for Virtual Reality Field Trips Including Google Expeditions

virtual reality field trips
Virtual reality field trips, like Google Expeditions, have transformed how we see the world. Students can visit far flung places, ...
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10 Best VR Games for Kids: Google Cardboard Apps

Virtual headsets are becoming more and more popular among the young and old. But once you get one, the search begins ...
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12 Virtual Reality in Education Apps – STEM Learning

best VR apps stem
Virtual reality in education is a really exciting time in children, and adults, lives. There is something amazing about being immersed in ...
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15 Make Your Own Game Apps & Tools for Kids

make your own games
Kids love to make things; from baking cookies to creating pasta shell masterpieces. But with kids spending more time on ...
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10 Best Telling Time Apps For Kids (Updated 2017)

telling time apps
What time is it? What time is bedtime? What time will dinner be ready? Knowing how to tell time is ...
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10 Coding Apps For Kids Full of Adventure!

GoldieBlox: Coding Apps For Kids
Parents everywhere are eager help their kids get a head start in life, and adventure coding apps for kids can help ...
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