Aryzon - 3D Augmented Reality

Aryson – The Augmented Reality Cardboard Headset on Kickstarter

Get ready for the next huge and affordable thing in augmented reality with the Aryson Cardboard Headset. This AR viewer features a large open pane view so you can see your surroundings clearly, while digital images are projected up onto the screen.

Augmented reality is when virtual reality meets the real world. It is the ability to see digital images and content in your real world settings, displayed through a lens or screen.

Aryson is a startup company that is based in the Netherlands. They are hoping to achieve the same victory that Google Cardboard had when it introduced the cheaper alternative to the virtual reality headset.

To be able to create this headset, the founders took to Kickstarter to raise the money and generate an interest.
Aryzon - 3D Augmented Reality

This exciting new headset works to bring you AR using mirrors to project digital images up onto the see through panel. Your phone inserts into a lower compartment of the headset and will use its camera to view and center the digital content on a target.

The target is used to spawn the digital content and hold it in place. This way it doesn’t float around the room as you turn and angle your head. A target can be anything as simple as a piece of paper, or can be your iPad screen.

You can use this headset for personal use, work or even in the classroom to teach kids in an augmented reality form. The headset has minimal design and allows you to still see what is going on around you while it is being used.

Aryzon - 3D Augmented RealityThe Aryson Cardboard Headset comes to you in a small and flat shipping package that should be able to fit through your mail slot. When you open the package, you will need to poke out the cardboard pieces and assemble the headset. This process should only take a few moments and no extra tools or materials are required.

This headset has been created to accommodate phones of all sizes, even the larger iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL. You will be able to download and use many of the already available AR apps from the App store or Google Play.

Aryzon - 3D Augmented RealityThe headset will also come with a strap so that you can view and play hands free. Aryson is also working to develop their own augmented reality app that will come with the purchase of the headset.

Check out the Aryson Cardboard Headset campaign on Kickstarter.