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Frog Game 1 – Sounds for Reading Game – Giveaway - Archived

At first, you thought it was cute. Then, you steadily grew annoyed. Now, you’re outright panicking when you hear your little one speak. Why can’t your baby speak properly? Will this problem fix itself in due time or will the speech impediment remain with your baby for the rest of the life as a burden? There is no reason to fear, as incorrect speech is extremely common in babies and children. It usually fixes itself, without the need for an intervention. Still, you might want to nudge your little one towards the right path just a tiny bit. This is best done through play, as is the case with all learning. In this way, your little one will speak clearly and correctly.

Frog Game 1 is a reading game that follows the adventures of a little frog named Hoppy. A wicked sorcerer cast a spell on Hoppy, which made him lose his voice and now he needs the player’s help to get to the Magic Castle and restore his voice. Frog Game 1 is the first in series of adventures of Hoppy the frog and has the player guide him to find the recipe for a secret potion that will help lift the curse from Hoppy.

Through this game, the child will learn how to correctly pronounce m, b, p, d, t, w, n, y and vowels. Later on in the game, there is sound/letter recognition, ASL finger-spelling, awareness of phonemes and many other lessons that help the child distinguish words. Intended for children 4-5 years, this reading game may be used by elementary-grade children as well, with the added option of setting the difficulty to a lower level for beginners.

Hoppy the frog will help the child develop natural English skills through the use of subtle games and puzzles, just like a native child would. In this way, the knowledge is absorbed much more easily and persists with the child longer. Coupled with traditional teaching methods, this app will help the child develop the natural pronunciation and grammar of a native English speaker.