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10 Best Telling Time Apps For Kids (Updated 2017)

What time is it? What time is bedtime? What time will dinner be ready? Knowing how to tell time is a skill that you might take for granted. Understanding a clock and the numbers on a face when you’re a child, is much harder than you remember.

Telling time apps are a great way to introduce your kids to learning how to tell time. These apps for kids mix gameplay while teaching numbers, fractions and time telling phrases.

Of course nothing replaces having a physical clock to hand, but games can make learning a little bit more fun. These apps can show the conversion from analog to digital clocks and encourage kids to be able to read and convert to each other.

Also, some of the more advanced apps will show the difference between a 12 hour clock and a 24 hour clock, so that kids can grasp a better understanding of AM/PM times.

Telling time and time management is an important life lesson that kids should learn at a young age. Here is a list of the best telling time apps for kids in 2017.

This article was originally published in 2015 and was last updated December 2017.

Tic Toc Time

Tic Toc TimeGet ready to learn about clock face time telling with the Tic Toc Time app. Play along with a beaver and his pals as you learn to read and set time. This app also shows fully illustrated 24 hour clocks in order to show the sun and moon positioning during certain times. Fun telling time games for kids will give them a better understanding of how to read clock faces.

Available for: iOS and Android

Jungle Time

Jungle TimeMake telling time fun with the Jungle Time app. This app uses fun animal faces on the clock while asking simple questions to get kids moving the hands. Kids will learn how to tell time, set the clock time and add a certain amount of time to the clock. You can choose a standard 12 hour or 24 hour clock notation, and there are also options to pick a standard clock, a learning clock or a roman numeral clock.

Available for: iOS

Telling Time

Telling TimeIn this Telling Time app there are eight unique learning activities and games. Included are twenty-two categories and each game can be fully customized or adjusted. It also features a progress tracker and sticker rewards for younger players.

Available for: iOS

Interactive Telling Time

Interactive Telling TimeThe Interactive Telling Time app is a fun game for younger kids to learn different aspects of telling time. With fun animal clock faces they will learn how to read a clock, set the time, learn the conversion between analog and digital, understand AM/PM and much more while playing various games and taking quizzes.

Available for: iOS and Android

Telling Time with the Smurfs

Telling Time with the SmurfsLearn about a day in the life of a Smurf when you play Telling Time with the Smurfs. This character filled app teaches kids how to tell time, set the clock, a match clock times in a high flying game and much more. In the storybook kids can play as they tag along with Smurfette, Papa Smurf and many more Smurfs throughout their busy day.

Available for: iOS

Zcooly Time Ranch

Zcooly Time RanchManage a ranch and use money to purchase new animals with the Zcooly Time Ranch. This game teaches kids how to tell time while they are building and taking care of animals on a ranch. Kids will learn time telling phrases like quarter to, half past and more. They will also continue learning about time telling with multiple levels of rising difficulty.

Available for: iOS and Android

Charlie Jumped out of the Clock

Charlie Jumped out of the ClockJump into learning with the fun storybook app Charlie Jumped out of the Clock. In this game, kids follow a grumpy grandpa around and help set the clock so that he doesn’t miss his chore times. This game teaches AM/PM, time telling phrases, setting time, telling time and much more.

Available for: iOS

Todo Telling Time

Todo Telling TimeGo beyond standard time telling with the Todo Telling Time app. This fun game for kids lets them solve puzzles. The ferris wheel pickup game drops the number cars and kids need to pick them up and place them back on the clock face. The train station games helps kids to understand increments of time so they don’t miss the train. Kids will also learn to read time faces and set the clock while playing games.

Available for: iOS

Clockwork Puzzle

Clockwork PuzzleLearn all the aspects of telling time with the Clockwork Puzzle app. This puzzle solving app offers 5 different assembly tasks for kids to play through to learn how to identify a clock face, tell time and see how the insides of a clock work. Kids will put together puzzles for the clock face, the clock numbers, place the hands, arrange the gears and then set the time. This is a great in-depth introduction to basic time telling for younger kids.

Available for: iOS


CloClockTime telling apps should be fun to encourage learning in younger kids. With the CloClock app, kids will interact with Little Clo and help her navigate around by telling time. There is an interactive clock, 5 animated clock games, a time step game, telling time quizzes and much more. There is also a time machine that helps kids understand the relationship between time and the settings of the sun and moon.

Available for: iOS