Messy Mia Kids Picture Quiz

Messy Mia Updates App with Kids Picture Quiz – FREE Today - Archived

AvatarGeneration is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Messy Mia and the Tale of Ancient Tech 1.3, an update to the popular storybook app for iPad and iPhone. The new update includes a fun ‘What’s That?’ Picture quiz for kids, where they have to guess what old technology objects are. Have fun watching how kids react to outdated technology such as Typewriters, Old Cell Phones, Old Video Games, Camera Film, Floppy Discs and so much more!

Messy Mia is a story of a young girl learning how per parents grew up and survived without today’s modern technology. Mia & her fun loving pet robot embark on a quest to find her mom’s TV remote in this much loved interactive storybook. Messy Mia makes the process of learning so much fun that kids just love it!

Key Features of Messy Mia and the Tale of Ancient Tech

  • 20 storybook pages with awesome interactive content
  • What’s That? Picture quiz with photos of old technology
  • 3 Mini Games – ‘Find Mia’s Toys’, ‘Match Mia’s Tech’, & ‘Color Mia & Zed’
  • Different Languages – Available in Spanish & English
  • ‘Read Myself’ and ‘Read to Me’

Download today for FREE on iPhone & iPad.