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Geometry Stash 2 Now Available Free on the App Store - Archived

Press Release: Reviewing geometry on the go has never been easier with Geometry Stash 2 for the iPhone and iPad.

Fremont, California – August 22, 2015 – Kicking off the back to school season, Geometry Stash 2 puts the necessary theorems, postulates, and corollaries at students’ fingertips. As a geometry reference for high school geometry, This app displays definitions and diagrams for students to review. With the new update, Students and teachers can now make their own review slides. This ability to tailor slides to one’s review style or teaching curriculum streamlines the integration of iOS devices into the math classroom.

Independent developer Anson Liu originally created Geometry Stash in 2009 to help others and himself study for high school geometry. Developed from a student’s perspective, Geometry Stash’s interface is no-nonsense – swipe to a theorem, tap to view it. Now six years later, Geometry Stash 2 brings revised diagrams and customizable review slides as a free update. This update retains the original app’s simple interface while taking advantage of new device capabilities to make the studying experience more effective. Students are now able to share their review slides with nearby peers using Airdrop. In addition, the new iCloud Drive support makes slides available on multiple devices. Special Geometry Stash options available in Guided Access can help teachers keep students on track and focused on review.

Now, the app can be used for so much more than just geometry. Users can make and share review slides for any subject! Custom slides are structured in JSON, a lightweight data interchange format. Detailed reference and examples for slide creation is available online at Easy to learn and clean to read, students can create slides to supplement their review sessions and increase knowledge retention. Teachers can distribute multiple slides efficiently by creating a bulk import file that contains a group of slides specific to a topic.

Geometry Stash 2 is now available for free on App Store during August ($1.99 regular price). Expect to see more features coming in later updates!

“Being able to extend support to existing users and devices was a top priority. Rewriting Geometry Stash from high school has been a fun experience.”, says Anson Liu. Geometry Stash 2 is a universal application for both iPhone and iPad and runs on iOS 6 and above. A post covering the development of this update will be posted on later this fall.  

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Developer Info:

Anson Liu has been an independent developer since 2009. He has developed Geometry Stash, a geometry reference, and Next Meal, a menu app for the United States Naval Academy mess hall. Other projects that he has worked on include Unified Lobbyist Lookup, an API pulls data from Congress and allows searching lobbyist status.