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14 Best Geometry Apps (Updated 2017)

Geometry apps are a great way to jumpstart your kids learning and understanding of basic shapes and theorems. Whether you are learning about shapes for the first time at a young age, taking a geometry class in school or refreshing your knowledge as an adult, there is a geometry app out there for you.

These apps range from fun games that teach while you play, to useful apps that every geometry student should keep on hand.

For older students there are very useful geometry apps that are like carry around a textbooks worth of knowledge in the palm of your hand. These apps offer to hold terms, definitions and theorems so you can study them. There are also geometry calculator apps that allow you to get a hands on diagram that you can adjust and solve.

There are so many apps to choose from that will help you learn and comprehend geometry no matter your age or schooling level.

This article was originally published in 2015 and was last updated December 2017.

Shape Arts: Geometry Creations

Shape Arts: Geometry CreationsUse shapes to create puzzle pictures with Shape Arts: Geometry Creations. This fun game is parent and teach approved for helping kids learn more about shapes and how they fit together. There are hundreds of puzzles made by Shape Artists and you can solve them over and over again. Create cats, fish, warriors, dinosaurs and more using the shape pieces.

Available for: iOS

GeoCon HD

GeoConLearn about basic geometry constructions when you use GeoCon HD. This geometry app is a great way for students to learn more about basic constructions, line segments, triangles and circles. There is a game mode or a lesser graded practice mode. You can move, scale and rotate the canvas as you play to get different perspectives of the game.

Available for: iOS

Doodle Math: Shapes

Doodle Math: ShapesLearn geometry while enjoying the creative arts with Doodle Math: Shapes. This fun app allows users to draw shapes themselves and then use those shapes to make fun pictures and animals. Using 8 basic shapes, you can play one of six different games such as Learn Shapes, Match the Pairs, Find Shapes and more.

Available for: iOS

Dragon Shapes – Lumio Geometry

Dragon Shapes - Lumio Geometry ChallengePlay through over 80 puzzles with varying difficulty levels with Dragon Shapes. This game is a great educational tool for ages 6-10 years. With this app, kids can improve their confidence in math while learning more about shapes and their attributes. There are themed characters who help and guide you along.

Available for: iOS and Android

Shapes: 3D Geometry Learning

Shapes - 3D Geometry LearningTake your learning outside of the app with the Shapes: 3D Geometry Learning app. Instead of playing a game, this app allows you to print off shape diagrams. Then you can follow the step by step fully illustrated instructions to turn your piece of paper in to a tangible 3D shape. This app offers 27 unique shapes that kids can learn about as they build.

Available for: iOS and Android

DragonBox Elements – Geometry

DragonBox Elements - Geometry ProofsHailed for teaching kids about geometry while they don’t even realize it, the DragonBox Elements app is a fun game that kids and parents will love. You can play through over 100 puzzles that feature whimsical characters. While you play, you will learn about geometric shapes, triangles, quadrilaterals, right angles, line segments and so much more.

Available for: iOS and Android


GeoboardPlay this digitalized version of a classic classroom game with Geoboard. In this game, players use digital rubber bands to loop around pegs on the board. When in place, the rubber bands make various shapes on the board. You can add shading to your shapes or leave them open. Various shapes can also overlap each other.

Available for: iOS

Geometry Stash

Geometry StashGeometry apps are a great way to carry a textbooks worth of information in the palm of your hand. The Geometry Stash app is a quick reference guide for geometry theories, postulates and corollaries. You can also add in your own slides for quick reference on the go. This app is free, easy to use and allows you to share theorems with others through Mail, Messenger, iCloud and Airdrop.

Available for: iOS

Jungle Geometry

Jungle GeometrySimplify learning geometry with the Jungle Geometry app. This fun game for kids focuses on lines, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, angles and measuring with rulers and protractors. Animal faces guide your kids through the levels and there are unlimited fresh problems every time. The app also shows a history of problems so you can review or see how your child is progressing.

Available for: iOS

Mathlingz – Geometry 1

Mathlingz Geometry 1Help your kid learn more about basic principles with fun geometry apps that teach them while they are having fun playing a game. The Mathlingz app offers twelve levels for kids to play through. This game is focused on ages 8-11 and helps train memory and logical thinking. Kids will learn about triangles, rectangles, congruent shapes, and identifying polygons.

Available for: iOS

Montessori Geometry

Montessori Geometry - Recognize and learn shapesGive your child the jumpstart they need with Montessori Geometry. This great app for kids teaches the 6 different families of shapes and gives the precise vocabulary of each shapes name. There is also a shape glossary, beautiful 3D shape images, self-correcting activities, 6 different games and much more.

Available for: iOS

My Geometric Universe

My Geometric UniverseSome of the coolest geometry apps don’t just teach, they take it a step further and put it to work. With the My Geometric Universe app, kids will use a pencil, ruler and compass to create geometric shapes. Then they will take it a step further and use those shapes to build objects like a truck. There are three universes where you can store and play with your creations.

Available for: iOS and Android

GeoGebra Math Calculators

GeoGebra Math CalculatorsGeoGebra Math Calculators is a must have for anyone who is interested in learning geometry or currently taking a class on it. This app offers a little bit of everything, from simple geometry calculating to make simple constructions to a 3D calculator with graph functions, surfaces and 3D objects. You can also create interactive constructions and share your results with friends or teachers.

Available for: iOS and Android

Triangle Solver

Triangle SolverTake the guesswork out of solving with the Triangle Solver. This app allows you to easily calculate the length of triangle sides when you know the two sides and one angle. You can also solve for the angle if you know all three sides lengths. There is an on screen keyboard built into the app for you to use instead of the apple keyboard.

Available for: iOS and Android