Quick Math Jr

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Quick Math Jr IconQuick Math Jr. is a new learning app from Sydney-based developer Shiny Things, aimed for children aged 3-6 years. Quick Math Jr. helps children learning foundational mathematics through a collection of fun, interactive mini-games. With adaptive difficulty to quickly place children at the right level and keep them in their zone of proximal development, Quick Math Jr. helps learners progress from simple number identification to formal arithmetic.


Some more information about Quick Math Jr:

+ Key Number Concepts

Practice counting, skip counting, subitizing, ordering numbers, mental arithmetic, formal addition and subtraction, and more!

+ Handwriting Recognition

The handwriting recognition engine allows players to write their answers directly on the screen, so it’s perfect for handwriting practice too!

+ Create Your Own Monsters

Win new features and personalize your monster characters. Watch as your creations appear in the game! Unlimited player profiles makes it easy to save your monsters for your next game.

Quick Math Jr. is available to download from the educational category on the App Store, and is designed for both iPhone and iPad.