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4 Top Educational Tools for Visual Learners - Archived

With the assistance of mobile technology, visual learners are given more opportunity to make the learning experience easier, more interactive, and fun. These people are able to comprehend words into pictures in their head and vice versa, according to a study by Penn Psychology. They are able to learn faster with the help of visual content, either as a photo or a video. This is not at all surprising as a recent study by the American researchers revealed that a human brain is able to process images in 13 milliseconds.

Today, there are applications that are able to help simplify the learning process while on-the-go for visual learners. Here are the top educational tools you must try:


Learning a new language is made more interactive by Memrise. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, this application enables any kind of learners (beginners, intermediate, and experts) to learn and practice another language such as Chinese, French, Spanish and more. It has a community of learners that interacts and shares their ideas and learnings together. Each translated word comes with an audio and image file for faster understanding of the language. So far, the developers take pride with more than 285 million words learned via their applications, with their over 300,000 courses.

O2 Learn

Are you into watching experts spill their secrets on YouTube? Then, you will enjoy using the O2 Learn app exclusively for iOS. With a goal to build the UK’s biggest digital classroom, O2 in the United Kingdom created a platform wherein students and teachers are able to learn together by watching and sharing their videos on the website. Created under the company’s Think Big initiative, the O2 Learn was reported by the Business Review Berkshire to inspire Windsor Girls’ School saying that it has help them “to learn a whole host of new skills.” The subjects are varied, ranging from Art, Science, Business, Technology, Drama, Literature, Geography, History, Internet Safety, Music, Math, and even Politics and Economics lectures are shared on this platform.

Ubooly Talks!

The Ubooly Talks! is not your ordinary learning tool, as it doesn’t come with a set of reviewers and tests. However, it is a revolutionary educational application that learns along with the student. Originally designed for toddlers, adults will also enjoy this Ubooly as it turns your smartphone into a friendly learning companion with a face. It comes with various Play Packs, such as Alphabet, Counting, Grammar, Space, Spelling, Stories, and some fun activities like Superhero Camp and Gardening. It is free to be installed in the iTunes and Google Play Store.

GRE Prep – Vocab Flashcards

Need an effective review buddy for the upcoming GRE? This vocabulary flashcard application will be your study partner the whole night. Its main aim is to assist those who are preparing for the GRE to improve their vocabulary faster while studying less. They are introducing the concept of ‘Confidence-based repetition’ technique. The platform created by Brainscape takes pride for its curated content that were assisted and produced by researchers from Yale, MIT, Columbia, The Princeton Review, as well as some of the world’s experts on the subject matter.

For a more extensive learning coverage, the developers are offering a premium version of the app – the GRE Vocab Genius, which costs $9.99 at the iTunes store.

There are other applications out there that offer almost the same experience. In fact, we’ve even featured the Corinth Micro Plant for Windows 8 devices, which is still one of the best Science app for visual learners who wants to know the microscopic appearance of plants. What’s your recommended app for visual learners?

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