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Top 5 Apps For Dance Teachers - Archived

Appd For Dance TeachersTeachers across the United States are constantly finding new technology to bring to their classroom and assist with the teaching process. Similar to other subjects, dance teachers have a variety of mobile apps to choose from. From ballroom style dance and ballet to teachers who focus on young students, the following 5 mobile apps for dance instructors will help both improve classroom focus and alleviate much of the work involved with teaching a dance class:

Pocket Salsa

Pocket Salsa is one of the best apps for dance teachers. It features over 150 different salsa moves along with relevant videos teaching the user how to integrate each move into a salsa dance. Dance teachers will find this app useful because they’ll be able to integrate the moves taught in person with the videos in the map, allowing students to practice on their own at home.

Ballroom Dancing

For less than a $4, dance teachers can have the basics of every ballroom dance step right in their own pocket. Use this app to help teach your ballroom students over thirty basic dance moves from all the major genres, including Salsa, Samba and Swing. Your students will appreciate the chance to practice ballroom dancing by watching and dancing along with the videos that come with the app.

Maple MP3 Player

A perfect mobile MP3 application for any dance class, this unique application allows dance teachers to play music broken down by playlist, genre and customized folders. This app is especially favored by ballroom dance teachers because they can break down the music being played by dance categories, from Rumba and Salsa to the Waltz and more.

Dancing Video Lessons

Dancing Video Lessons is one of the best apps for dance teachers that allow users to download various videos of basic dance moves from all types of genres. The creator of the app updates videos on a weekly basis, allowing users to learn new dance moves all the time. While this app is great for downloading and sharing dance videos with students, teachers can use it as well to help them stay fresh on new moves and refine old ones.

Tap Dancing for Beginners

Tap dancing is a popular dance for younger students. Tap Dancing for Beginners is great because it includes over 20 tap dance instructional videos for beginners. From basic steps and the three tap riff to drawbacks and the ball change step, this app has it all and is a great value for under $6. Dance teachers will find it especially useful for students who need more practice and have a harder time picking up the basics of tap dance.

Bonus App:


Dancrs is the latest app for booking dance classes and events. Dancrs has worked with some of the leading schools, choreographers and dancers to create an app which can encourage more people to join the dance community. This passion has driven them to create an app focused entirely on simplifying the process of finding, booking, and paying for dance classes. You can search for classes and events by location, price, rating and style.

Apps for dance teachers are changing how instructors teach all types and genres of dance to their students. From beginning students to the most advanced professionals, mobile apps are always a great addition to any dance teaching arsenal.