5 Tools for Instagram

4 Tools & Apps for Enhancing Instagram - Archived

These four tools will enhance your Instagram experience and use it to its full potential.

1. Iconosquare

While Instagram has a basic structure which aims for social networking, viewing all shared images can be cumbersome. Iconosquare is a website that allows users to view all shared images as well as their likes and comments. It takes Instagram from the smartphone and enhances it on the computer. This can be helpful when students are using the app in the classroom and are looking to submit photos to the yearbook or create a collage. Teachers and faculty may find it useful for sharing photos throughout the school and giving others a view into their classroom.

2. Quick

A great way for students to reflect on Instagram images or to link images to classroom content is to insert text on the image itself. Quick allows you to write text over images and post them to Instagram. A must for any classroom.

3. INK361

INK361 is a great practical app for Instagram users who wish to print their photos. Instagram has several privacy policies that hinder users from saving others photos, including their own, onto a computer. If a classroom is using Instagram to explore a topic, INK361 would be a great option to not only view and save photos but also to print them. You may want to provide keepsakes for students at the end of the year, or alternatively, a student gift for a teacher, and this would be a perfect option.

4. Instaport

Due to the privacy policies in Instagram it is difficult to download images to a computer that aren’t already on a smartphone or other device. Instaport allows users to connect with their Instagram login and not only view photos but also download them. This would be helpful to a teacher using Instagram in the classroom with multiple smart devices.