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GeoCon Math iPad App: A Fun Way to Learn Geometry - Archived

GeoCon Math is a new iPad app for students, teachers and math enthusiasts to study plane geometry in an interesting and exciting way. GeoCon HD re-invents the study of plane geometry by empowering users to create various geometric constructions with the touch of a finger. The app also offers easy tutorial steps that provide instruction on setting and moving points, constructing lines and circles, and creating intersection points.

Other GeoCon HD special features include:

  • The ability to move, scale and rotate the canvas, as well as move points to generate a different perspective on a level.
  • 38 levels that can be completed in a several different ways, which adds novelty,variety and creativity to the learning experience.
  • 4 different learning categories: Basic Constructions, Line Segments, Triangles, and Circles.
  • Gold and silver medals for completing levels (gold is for solving levels in the least possible number of moves).
  • A great “Practice Mode” that provides an ideal no-pressure learning environment.
  • Access to hints, guidance and solutions to help users make it through tough levels.
  • Handy “undo” and “redo” buttons that allow users to be experimental and try interesting approaches without worrying that they’ll get stuck.
  • Game Center integration, which adds an element of friendly competition as users pit their achievements against friends and other app users worldwide.

In addition, for added realism GeoCon HD rewards users who complete the first three levels with new construction tools, which make completing more complex levels more efficient and less tedious, which is precisely how a professional mathematician in the field works.

“Plane geometry is one of the most interesting and exciting areas of geometry,” commented Oleh Yudin. “However, many people don’t pursue learning in this area because they’re intimidated by the subject matter, or just find it boring. But GeoCon HD changes all of that. Within minutes, users can resolve construction tasks, discover new levels, generate achievements, compete with friends, and boost their mathematical reasoning skills and understanding – and all while having more fun than they ever imagined!”

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