The book of holes

The Book of Holes iPad App - Archived

The Book of Holes is a kids storybook app that illustrates how holes are part of everyday life and the universe. Developed by Chocolate Factory Publishing, the app is based on a Danish book, first published in 2006. The original book had a hole in the middle that you could stick your finger through. In the app, each page has a hole which the user can touch to activate a voiceover or animation.

The pages are made up of detailed collages of images, some of which move around the screen. It’s truly beautiful and very rich in texture. Aside from it just being a delight to view, it’s highly educational as well. You learn a lot about holes in a short space of time!

The Book of Holes covers several topics and in-between each illustration is a page of wordplay in black text. Some of the topics covered include, the universe, the birds & the bees, the holes in your nose, ear & mouth, and good & bad holes. Throughout the app kids are encouraged to ask questions and engage in conversation with their parents about holes. For example ‘What are holes made of? What’s the worlds’ biggest hole? ‘. They even include a “clues for clueless parents” section that explains in detail each page of  the book.

Download The Book of Holes for iPad and enjoy thinking, reading and touching holes!