Channelkit: Discover & Organise the Web - Archived

Channelkit is a new tool that lets you save and organize links from the web. You group sites, articles, videos & quotes into channels, and add notes and tags to make them easy to find and share. Each link you add is displayed in form of a card – just like a library card. Each card automatically gets a title, an image, and a short note. Depending on your needs you can leave it like this or add more details to organize your library properly.

Here are some examples of Use Cases for Channelkit:

Research for an art exhibition

Maria Nasimova, art curator, used Channelkit to collect materials for her Andy Warhol exhibition at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow. Ten Portraits of Jews of the 20th Century were displayed accompanied by bios and interesting facts, which were the result of the curator’s research.

Video competition

Cambridge University Press Russia used Channelkit to host videos submitted by contestants of an international competition the publishing house was conducting. Facebook voting buttons were displayed under each video and authors of the most popular videos received prizes.

Travel planning

Greg Funtusov is a digital nomad – he is a developer who spends every 2 months in a new country. He uses Channelkit to collect links to hotels, cafes, train schedules and anything else he might need on a trip.

Channelkit is being used primailay in education with teachers collecting and curating links for their students and students putting together materials for their research-related work.

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