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Color Uncovered, a free app from Exploratorium, is a beautifully designed investigation of all of the ways that color is both mysterious and magical. The app is aimed at older children, teenagers, and adults, and has been used by art and science classrooms all over the globe. The magazine layout of the app has a glossy feel, and the content appeals to both the reader and the hands-on learner equally.  With this app, students are bound to learn things they never knew that they needed to know from why men shouldn’t buy bananas, and why dogs shouldn’t drive!

Color Uncovered is formatted as an interactive book or magazine, with a table of contents and a unique color strip along the bottom to allow users to easily find their way back to the index. The index offers links to a series of articles, multimedia content, and interactive activities that help teach principles related to color.

The articles are definitely geared toward an older audience — dense content, scientific terminology, and even single spacing and small font size would deter young readers. But, the articles are engaging and interesting, written clearly and with an educational slant, and always incorporate an infographic or interactive graphic. The articles could certainly be used for teaching content about the science of color, but could also be used to improve reading skills, like vocabulary acquisition and context clues.

Color Uncovered  Color Uncovered

The design of this app makes it quite lovely to look at—beautiful graphics and stunning color are impressive throughout. The design gives it the appearance of a glossy magazine, and the organization allows users to quickly swipe through pages or return to the table of contents. The gorgeous design may intrigue and interest younger students, who may benefit from learning with an older parent or teacher.

But it’s the interactive options that will get the most attention from users. One such activity asks users to stare at a blue dot in the midst of a green background, asking them to notice how the color fades. A hidden box explains the science behind why the blue fades into the green, but the interactive nature of the page will hook students.

The vast majority of users who rated this app gave it 5 stars, and reading the comments gives you a snapshot of how the app can and should be used. Users ranged from parents, who couldn’t wait to share the interactive content with their incredibly curious children, to students, who were introduced to the app by an art teacher. Teachers are excited to use this app as a teaching tool in their own classroom. The app has wide application for learning, and you’re sure to have a lot of fun figuring how best (and how often) you can incorporate it. Download Color Uncovered from iTunes.