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Haiku Deck: Presentation Tool - Archived

Presentation tools have made huge leaps from the basic and sometimes tedious PowerPoint. Now, if you want to create a presentation on a PC or laptop, you have a wealth of software options and Web 2.0 applications to meet your needs. With these programs you can create visually stunning, engaging presentations. However, it’s not quite that easy with the humble iPad, where the choice of presentation tools is somewhat limited.

Google keyword analysis shows that more than two million people a year are searching for presentation software for the iPad, and more than 23K people a month are searching for an alternative to PowerPoint. Haiku Deck is answering these requests by providing a free iPad app designed to expand the type of presentations that can be created with an iPad.

Haiku Deck helps users create high-quality, professional presentations that are very simple to make. Simply choose a theme and start creating a deck of slides. As users type words on the slides, they can choose a background from the words they use. The option of beautifying the presentation is easy with stylish fonts, layouts, and image filters that make the slidedeck look professional and engaging.

Once users finish a slide or a deck of slides, they can publish it and share it on Facebook, Twitter and through e-mail, or copy the URL to access it later. This makes it ideal for groups of students looking to present a project, explain a theory or describe a concept. So they can send their presentations directly to a teacher or classmate, and teachers can give students access to their presentations by simply sharing the link.

Haiku Deck

The most unique aspect of Haiku Deck is not its simplicity or its layout. It is actually how users can choose images to use as backgrounds on their slides. The app gives users access to Creative Commons images and suggests images based on the words used in their slides. Users merely choose the word that describes the theme or subject of the slide the most and they are provided with a list of images and a list of related tags. Unfortunately, if the text on a slide does not contain descriptive adjectives or generic nouns, it can be difficult to find a related picture. Haiku Deck remedies this by allowing users to input additional search terms to find their own images.

Haiku Deck is free to download and use, and users will have no trouble creating slides with the free content. However, not everything within Haiku Deck is free. Some themes and images are considered premium content and must be purchased if users want to use them in their presentations. When using Haiku Deck in a classroom setting, this feature may frustrate students who finally find the perfect image and then cannot use it because it costs money.

Despite having to purchase some images and themes, Haiku Deck is a quality presentation option for anyone who needs to present information. It is especially useful in a classroom with a set of iPads, or for teachers who want to prepare and give presentations in multiple rooms without carrying around a bulky laptop. The app recently passed the one million downloads mark which is a testament to its quality. Download Haiku Deck for free from iTunes.