Top Apps for Creating FlashCards - Archived

While students will often respond differently to study methods, flashcards are a classic option for a reason. With today’s technology, visual and auditory learners can also benefit from flashcard apps that embed audio and video into the process. It’s a whole new world now, no more stacks of index cards held together with a rubber band! Read on to find ten apps that may help you create study materials for students.


This web and mobile app combination works in tandem to allow students access to more than 2 million flashcards or to allow users to create their own flashcards from spreadsheets. The app also features a community of users that may allow students to share information and flashcards.

Evernote Peek

If you are already using Evernote, this app may be for you. The iPad app uses the iPad “smart cover” as an integral part of the app, allowing students to close their iPads and “peek” at the question. If you don’t have one, the app will use a “virtual cover” to achieve the same purpose. You just peek to see the clue or question, then lift the cover entirely to see the answer.

Chegg Flashcards

Create your own flashcards with this app or access the premade options from the Quizlet database. You can track your results, score, or speed, giving this flashcard app the potential to turn into a game with the right use.


This multimedia flashcard app allows users to create flashcards that contain text, image, or audio content, perfect for students who are studying a topic that requires rote memorization of art, music, or other images. The “study saver” function allows students to stop a study session and pick up at the same point when they return, which makes this app especially great for classrooms, and perhaps for students who finish work early.


This app is perfect for the Google docs user, as it allows you to seamlessly create flashcards from your Google spreadsheets. Don’t reinvent the wheel, if you’ve already got the information, use gFlashPro to transform it into easy-to-study materials.


You can share flashcards “decks” with friends and keep track of the flashcards you’ve already mastered with this flashcard app. Another very cool feature of this app is the human voice synthesizer, which talks back to you in 22 languages, a great tool for language learners.

Mental Case

This app allows you to easily sync your flashcards between devices using iCloud, so that you can seamlessly transition from studying on the go to studying at home on your computer. Users can create multimedia flashcards of their own or download content from Quizlet or Cram.  Organization options allow you to sort cards into “piles” and to schedule study sessions to ensure that no content is missed, a great option for students who are preparing for semester-end exams.


This web or mobile app allows users to make their own flashcards or find content in the database, choosing among three topics: test prep, language, or knowledge junkie. In the test prep section, for example, you’ll find options to purchase content for a host of AP exams and in the information junkie section, you’ll find in-app purchases for sports trivia flashcard sets focusing on different types of sports. It can get pricey for the academic subjects, but if you would already be purchasing test prep content, this app certainly offers a unique way to offer that content to your students.


Users will find flashcards and lessons in this app that is the #2 education game on the iPad. With 10,000+ flashcards available, students can find plenty of content that they will enjoy among the three free games, or you can unlock other addictive but educational games like Spelling Bee and Word Builder for small one-time fees.


If you’re looking for an app that allows you to take notes and then transform them into flashcards easily, iStudious+ is your answer. Take notes while in class, organize them into “notebooks” based on courses, and then turn your notes into flashcards. A real timesaver for students and teachers, who may want to create review materials from existing notes.