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Top 10 Math Apps - Archived

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Math apps are in abundance! Math students of all ages can find a way to cement their classroom learning through gameplay and standard drills and teachers can find ways to keep students engaged through their math education.

Fizzy’s Lunch Lab Fresh Pick

Based on the PBS Kids television show by the same name, this app uses real-life scenarios, like grocery shopping, to teach math in a friendly and applicable way.  Fizzy gives math context and answers the age-old question: “When am I ever going to use this?”

10 Monkeys Multiplication

The Monkeys are trapped. There’s only one way to free them—multiply. 10 Monkeys helps students practice their multiplication skills. When users correctly answer the math question, the monkeys are set free. Extra points are awarded for speed and accuracy. Help a monkey out!

ToDo K-2 Math

ToDo K-2 Math is a good, old-fashioned skill and drill app. Young learners are forced to physically write the correct answer or drag and drop the correct answer into the answer area in order to progress, forcing users to practice motor skills. This app is straightforward and to the point, but practices multiple skills at the same time.


Drills and games come together in MathBoard. This app includes a “problem solver” pop-up which walks learners through the process of solving the problem. It’s a bit like having a mini math tutor and is available at any of the difficulty level options. Students can practice their skills in straightforward practice or use them in games.

Math Ahoy!

Use math to navigate a map and travel the world. As you get through another level your voyage progresses. Oh, and did we mention that users are doing all this as problem solving pirates? This approach is sure to appeal to younger students, helping them to see math as truly fun.

Symmetry School

This puzzle based app focuses on honing special reasoning and problem solving in ways that are not normally challenged by math apps. After a session at Symmetry School, your results can be e-mailed to your teacher, parents, or tutor, making the integration of this app into the classroom seamless.

Moose Math

For ages three to eight, Moose Math sports 5 different games to test skills from counting to sorting shapes and beyond. The skills practiced in this app are based on the common core standards, and the app features a “Report Card” feature to allow teachers to check up on student progress.

Mystery Math Town

Help a friendly ghost free the fireflies from their jars in this RPG-style math game. Use math to unlock rooms to search for your friends.  Players are asked to build equations and not just click answers in this game of “Clue” meets math class.

Number Stax

For middle or high school students, Number Stax requires players to find patterns and drop numbers and operations in the most logical order to match what is at the top of the screen.  This is a Tetris-style game that gets faster the longer you play.

Teachly: Addimal Adventure

What sets Teachly: Addimal Adventure apart is its focus on teaching addition using strategies rather than strictly memorization.  Each class can progress at its own speed with individual classroom accounts, and users can practice those strategies in the “tool” round or the standard memorization method in “speed” rounds. Help each class sharpen their addition skills by having their own classroom account.