Champs of Numeria

Champs of Numeria: Connect Four-Style Math App Game - Archived

Evanced Games has launched its latest educational app for kids, Champs of Numeria. The Connect Four-style game is based on the award-winning Edupress board game, Math Dash.

In the whimsical world of Numeria, boys and girls ages four and up can customize difficulty levels to compete against the computer, peers and adults on a level playing field. Using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for problems presented as fact families or equations, players practice strategic gameplay and leveled math concepts to build numeracy and strategic planning skills. Difficulty levels range from beginner to advanced, and up to four players can play at a time.

“The students were so excited to strategically plan their defense in Champs of Numeria,” said Lindsey Hill, former two-time Elementary Teacher of the Year and current lead for reading engagement innovation at Evanced Games. “After picking their own avatars to play, the students were also able to choose their individual math skill level, which helped me create a unique learning environment to engage all the students.”

To add even more fun, nine quirky characters—including world-class pastry chef Clove Doublewhisk and Zill the Alien—help players count dots and identify correct answers. Kids competing against the computer can decide how the characters behave, whether they are careless, critical, passive or aggressive.

“We create apps that are built around children’s deepest interests,” said Rob Cullin, president and co-founder of Evanced Games. “By integrating educational content with kids’ passions, our apps keep players engaged in learning. One of the top features of Champs of Numeria is its ability to pose math problems tailored to the level of each player. Parents can sit down and compete against their five-year-old and be on the same playing field.”

Champs of Numeria is available for iPhone/iPad, Android and from the Amazon App Store.