CornerCave VR System

WorldViz CornerCave Virtual Reality System - Archived

WorldViz has released the CornerCave Virtual Reality (VR) system, which turns nearly any room into an immersive 3D experience theater. It fits in the corner of a conference or class room, requires practically no footprint, and can operate on one or two walls. Users can navigate 3D environments and manipulate 3D objects in real-time and at natural scale. Ideal for multi-person viewing with no shadows obstructing the image, the CornerCave can be used for design and data review, product prototyping, training, education, and marketing presentations.

Peter Schlueer, President of WorldViz, comments: “Imagine taking your clients or pupils on life-size immersive 3D tours right in your conference or class room, which turns into a mind-blowing VR experience theater. With the CornerCave and Vizard VR software, schools can take kids on educational 3D rides to outer space or inside the brain, midsize manufacturers can afford virtual prototyping, and architects can do immersive design reviews. It’s a game changer.”

The CornerCave comes with advanced head motion and hand interaction tracking, ceiling-mounted projectors, wall-mounted 3D screens, stereo glasses, rendering computer, and the Vizard software platform for rapidly creating immersive apps. WorldViz also provides onsite installation and training. Find out more at: