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10 Tools For Discovering Educational Videos - Archived

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Finding supplemental material for the classroom in the form of educational videos can be quite challenging, especially since the definition of “educational videos” is broad and quite varied. The following online resources should point you in the right direction as you look for valuable multimedia content for your classroom.

Edutopia / Teaching Channel

This two rich resources are not for students—they are for teachers who are looking to find ways to improve themselves and strategize ways to integrate new teaching methods into their classrooms. Both Edutopia and the Teaching Channel are easy to navigate, have a lot of rich video content, and can be invaluable for all teachers who are looking to learn more.

Watch Know Learn

This online resource aggregates videos from many other online sources. While the videos are broken down into subject sections, you may find navigating them time-consuming. That said, there are quite a few gems there that may make the slog through well worth it.


The Mobento Android app and website offers lots of searchable video content for teachers. Definitely geared toward older students, these videos focus on a range of topics. While you might not find deeply practical content (ie there’s no writing or language content on this site), you will find great videos for enrichment and connection to existing learning units.

Gooru Collections

Gooru Collections for the iPad focuses primarily on math and science. It provides a search engine that creates for users a “collection” based on the results of their search, which will include videos and other content-rich web resources.

Brain POP

Brain POP features a daily animated “movie” that teaches users about the selected topic of the day and provides a quiz to test understanding. In-app subscriptions offer different tiers of additional content, the most expensive of which opens up a wide variety of videos on multiple topics.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is quickly become the go-to resource for clear, informative videos about a variety of content-rich topics. The new Khan Academy app makes that resource even easier to access, as does the website. You’ll find everything from math lessons to discussions of astronomy at Khan Academy.


The TED talks are legendary at this point, and the app that pulls them all together is an invaluable resources for teachers of older students. The app itself is rated 9+, so it’s definitely not for elementary students. Older students, however, may very much enjoy being able to search a topic that they find interesting and have an interactive experience with TED. This app would make a fantastic research tool for individual projects.


This app features video content on the subjects that don’t often get attention in school—arts and crafts, life skills, DIY, cooking, etc.  You can find videos on all of these topics and more—including the obligatory academic content—on Curious. This could be a very cool way to supplement a life skills class or even a unit on measurement by showing students the real life applications of the content they are learning.

Britannica Kids

Dusty encyclopedias sitting on the shelf are no more—now we have a series of apps that focus on individual topics, from the Aztecs to the Solar System to volcanoes and everything in between. These apps are encyclopedic in nature, so they include video content but also contain a wealth of other information and text-based content.