Technology-Based Lesson Planning – Issue 10 - Archived

Teaching The AvatarGeneration

Lesson planning is one of the most important activities in the range of different responsibilities faced by teachers. Not only does effective planning makes teaching more efficient, and gives a sense of direction to curriculum and standards, but it is a useful tool for future planning and evaluating how a lesson went. Again, technology has come to the rescue for teachers looking to improve, enhance or simply be more efficient in their lesson planning.

In this month’s issue of Teaching The AvatarGeneration we look at two aspects of technology-based lesson planning; creating lesson plans using online resources, and creating bespoke lesson plans using apps and tools. We also look at the humble whiteboard, one of the stalwarts of educational technology, and how best to create lesson plans on this medium. Technology is not all roses, and software errors, freezing and other infuriating problems can often rear their ugly head. We tackle this issue head on by giving some tips and tricks for surviving a technology related mishap in the classroom.

We have also been captivated by new games and tools ranging from fiendishly difficult logic puzzles to wonderfully creative poetry apps. In our game based learning features we look at the historical game Past / Present; a sure-fire hit for any classroom looking to teach US history, historical research techniques or economics using a captivating storyline and cheeky characters. We also take a different approach to our usual educational games for students by exploring a math game for pre-service or in-service teachers. Platinumath aims to help budding teachers better understand basic math concepts through eye-catching graphics and an absorbing narrative. Our reviews look at an elementary emotions app, Avokiddo Emotions (a must for any teacher looking to explain emotional responses to young children), and smartphone classroom engagement tool Top Hat.

There is something for every type of teacher in this month’s issue, be it subject-specific resources, or apps to help organize, manage and motivate students.

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