Play-i Producing Robots That Kids Can Program - Archived

MakeWonder a company passionate about making programming fun and easy to learn for the next generation, have launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce robots that children can play with and program. Play-i’s mission is to give young children an engaging platform where they can experience the joy and magic of programming at a young age.

According to, by 2020 there will be 1.4 million more computer science jobs than there will be people to fill those jobs. And yet less than 2.4% of graduates study computer science during college. Play-i aims to change that by getting children interested in programming at a young age. Play-i robots are fun and engaging, and make learning to program an enjoyable experience.

Play-i is creating a visual programming environment for its robots on touch devices for kids, that meets children at their level of cognitive ability and motor skills, starting as early as age five. Unlike other programming languages where children are first taught the syntax, Play-i focuses on learning through exploration, play and discovery.

Play-i robots are expressive, interactive and completely programmable. The programming interface for children requires no previous ability to read or write. The robots are playful, they can dance, play songs and even collect the toys on the floor and can be programmed by children wirelessly using a touch device, like an iPad.

Play-i robots will be available in the Summer of 2014 and are priced at $149 and $49 during the campaign, reduced from the $199 and $69 retail price. Crowdfunding and detailed features of Bo and Yana are located here: