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5 Great Resources for Teaching Drama - Archived

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Engaging students and getting them up out of their seats in your drama class is essential to your success. When you are running low on creative ideas for your creative students, these apps and online resources for teaching drama may help you spur those students into action.

Drama Resource

This website and associated app is full of resources for the enterprising (or slightly stuck) drama teacher who is looking for strategies for a particular type of lesson, genre of game, or outside resource. Local British teachers who are looking for professional development can enroll in courses, though Toynbee Studios.

Pollock’s Toy Theatre

This unique app updates the toy theatres of the Victorian era to the 21st century. Students can construct their own theatre, create characters, and orchestrate their own productions either by using the two plays that come pre-loaded (Dickens’s Great Expectations and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream) or by writing and recording their own. Pollock’s Toy Theatre is sure to engage the creativity and whimsy of nearly any student, but will also teach them about the demands of putting together and staging a show—even if it is in miniature.

Improv Suggestifier

With suggestifier, drama teachers can create randomized improv exercises to engage their students. Many teachers use these types of exercises to get students ready to perform, but it can be draining to try to come up with them each day. This app makes light work of that daily responsibility.

Reverse Charades

Reverse Charades provides the subject matter for a new take on the classic game, Charades. Rather thandrawing a topic and then acting it out, groups of students would be charged with acting out as many topics as they can within a pre-set amount of time. Teams seek to guess as many of those topics as possible, and the teams performing cannot communicate verbally to coordinate. This activity is sure to test their stage presence and body language as well as their ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstance and to communicate their message clearly. It’s fun, engaging, and definitely sure to teach skills you want each drama student to master.

Puppet Pals

Puppet Pals allows users to create puppet shows on a whole other level. Any fans of the viral YouTube sensation Potter’s Puppet Pals knows that puppet shows are not for toddlers anymore. This app allows users to create photo backdrops and to use famous figures as actors, allowing your students to create content limited only by their imaginations and wit.  This could be yet another variation for creative projects in staging and character development.