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10 Tools For Classroom Quizzes - Archived

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No student likes a quiz, but teachers know that they are essential for checking understanding and identifying areas that need further explanation. Making classroom quizzes more interactive can be an easy and fun way to do the same checks on understanding and comprehension without hearing the inevitable groans from the students.


Both presenter and client can download an app to allow questions to be delivered right to a mobile device by the presenter/teacher’s app. Students who do not have a mobile device or who have a mobile device for which eClicker does not have an app yet can also use a web browser, making this app universal.

gFlash Pro

gFlash is a flash card program, which is another creative way to check understanding of a topic. The unique element of this app is that the user can purchase premium content from educational publishers to create flash card content (i.e. from textbook publishers, easily coordinating flash cards with content that students have been learning) or can create the flash cards themselves.

QuizStar (online)

QuizStar allows users to create free quizzes, send them to students, grade them, and view their results online—entirely for free. This online system is somewhat low tech, but can be endlessly useful for teachers who are looking for a way to reduce the grading load.


This highly regarded app allows teachers to control the flow of content that students see, right from their mobile device. Teachers can deploy questions when they feel it’s appropriate, and students interact on their own devices. One of the best ways that Socrative can be used is with the included “exit tickets,” that force students to provide a reflective response to that day’s class before leaving.


Containing a database of 15,000 shared quizzes, Yacapaca is an online model similar to QuizStar that allows teachers to use existing quizzes, create and share their own, and automatically grade those quizzes once they have been submitted. Teachers can also create an online work flow for students with a few clicks of a few keys.


iResponse is an app that allows teachers to create questions for students and send them to each student’s mobile device to encourage interaction and check understanding. iResponse also allows teachers to remotely monitor student work, an interesting feature that may allow teachers to intervene with students to address learning gaps before they become a bigger issue.


This quiz-creation app allows teachers to create quizzes from PowerPoint or PDF files, which also allows them to make them more engaging and include visuals. The quizzes are graded right away, eliminating work for the teacher.


ThatQuiz is an online system, similar to YacaPaca and QuizStar, that allows you to search for existing quizzes to use in the classroom or create your own. Content can then be shared with others.

Classroom Quiz Master

Any teacher who has ever used the game show model to review a unit’s worth of material in preparation for an exam will love this app. The app allows the teacher to take over the role of game show host and the students to become the contestants, with the teacher controlling the content. The app’s fun game show format is sure to have students engaged, even though they are reviewing.

Quiz & Poll

This Android app allows teachers to use Google docs (specifically Google spreadsheets) to create quizzes and polls, and to download results into another spreadsheet. Teachers already making use of Google docs will find this an easy way to upload quizzes and content without losing their method of record keeping.