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Splash Math

Studypad, a pioneer in curriculum aligned educational apps on iPad, is launching Splash Math on web, a first-of-its-kind online math practice program, which brings the engagement and interactivity of iPad apps, to the PCs and Macs. For parents who do not have iPads, this is a blessing. Get the iPad experience on your PC!

Splash Math’s Common Core aligned apps for Grades 1 to 5 are already used by over 4 Million kids and 25,000 teachers in the US. With the new launch, Splash Math on web will have more comprehensive content than its app counterparts. Instead of a single grade, a child can now access to practice content for all Grades 1 to 5. This benefits all learners- the child who has completed his/her grade level, can now go beyond and practice the next grade level; and the child who needs revision of previous grade skills, can go back and strengthen them. Splash Math adapts to the child’s level and ensures mastery of all grade level math skills.

Key Features

  •     Online practice content for Grades 1 to 5
  •     Interactive questions aligned to Common Core State Standards
  •     Access from PCs and Macs
  •     Insightful performance reports in graphical dashboard. Know the trouble spots and strengths of children while they practice
  •     Adaptive learning customizes content to child’s strengths and weaknesses
  •     Fun rewards keep children motivated and engaged in practice


  •     Splash Math Plus is available for a 7-day free trial
  •     At end of trial, users can choose between a monthly subscription of $10 or an annual subscription of $79
  •     Avail 50% discount with offer code – LAUNCH50 (limited to the first 500 purchases only)

For more information visit:  www.splashmath.com

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