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In Zorbit’s Math Adventure, a new app for iPad and iPhone, preschoolers help Zorbit and his colorful alien friends prepare for an intergalactic journey to Earth. Without any need for adult help, children learn all the math concepts they need to be ready for Kindergarten, entirely through story and play.

Zorbit’s Math Adventure, the first in a series of story-based math apps from Best Boy Entertainment, allows preschoolers to absorb math concepts naturally, in much the same way they learn their first language. As they progress through the adventure practicing their new skills, children have so much fun they don’t realize they’re learning.

The game was created in response to significant evidence that early exposure to math is essential to children’s long-term academic and career success. The game design incorporates the math concepts needed to help kids prepare for Canadian Kindergarten. The app has been extensively tested with preschoolers and parents.

In a three-week-long study to evaluate the game’s effectiveness, preschool children were assessed for math skills in six areas prior to and after playing the game. Participants had an average improvement of 73 percent.

While accompanying Zorbit on his adventure, preschoolers learn age-appropriate math skills like identifying, counting, and representing numbers 1-20, colours, shapes, positional concepts such as above and below, attributes such as more and less, and how to follow instructions. Along the way kids receive lots of verbal encouragement, stickers, and stars. Completing the game successfully unlocks every level for free play.

The game:

  • Prepares preschool children for success in Kindergarten
  • Lowers anxiety about math – a major, documented area of stress for young children
  • Entertains preschoolers while they learn core math skills in a completely safe environment

Zorbit’s Math Adventure is designed to appeal equally to boys and girls. A unique cast of characters, including Chirp, the girl mechanic, and Oswald, an alien pet who burps when fed too much, will have children giggling and squealing during game play.

“Zorbit’s Math Adventure was created to help children get ahead and stay ahead,” explains Ed Martin, CEO, Best Boy Entertainment. “We call it rocket fuel for preschool.”

The lite version offers two levels, while the full six-level version sells in the Apple App Store for $7.99.

For more information visit: www.zorbitsmath.com

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