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Jesse Schell’s new platform GameSprout, is dedicated to collaborative game design and has surpassed 1,000 members after only one month in Beta. GameSprout gives everyone the ability to participate in game design, making the game design process available and transparent to all. So far, the site has attracted over 180 unique game ideas, from users with varying levels of game design expertise.

GameSprout members can submit game concepts, art, and demos; get feedback from the community; play game prototypes and assist others in developing their game ideas. The GameSprout team will collaborate directly with members to provide constructive feedback and game development skills to their ideas. The best games will be prototyped and produced with the possibility of moving to Kickstarter™ or another funding source to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a full-fledged game. Once the game is launched, there will be revenue sharing opportunities available to those who participated in its creation.

“We’re off to a great start,” Schell remarked. “There seems to be a tremendous interest in this new platform. People want to learn more about making games, and GameSprout is the perfect place for gamers of all abilities to share their ideas and educate one another in game design and development.”


Currently GameSprout membership is completely free. A simple sign-up process is all that’s required to begin using the website. Their goal is to build GameSprout into a more vibrant, interactive platform where members work together, design awesome games and grow their understanding of game design.

“We really want to develop a robust community, filled with novice and experienced game designers, programmers, artists and more. Everyone will have something unique and special to contribute to the site. We can’t wait to see what happens when the whole community comes together to create the first games. Only then will we realize the true power of crowd-sourced game development,” stated Schell.

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