MOOCs: Issue 6 of Teaching The AvatarGeneration - Archived

In this month’s Teaching The AvatarGeneration magazine we feature some of the best resources for teachers looking to use MOOCs for their professional development or for their students. We talk to passionate educational technologists who are looking to change education through innovation, collaboration and using open access resources.

We haven’t forgotten about your fascination with game-based learning, and we report on a new batch of gamified edtech tools and platforms. We look at programming technology for young students (Tynker), quest and role playing (3D GameLab/ClassRealm) technologies for the classroom, and list the best serious games from The Clark Chart. Alongside our features and game-based learning technologies, we also have some great case studies from CK-12 and Curriki, and lots of reviews of new apps.

Teaching The AvatarGeneration

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