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Designing Digitally Partners to Develop a 3D Serious Game - Archived

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Serious game and simulation developer Designing Digitally, has partnered with Rutgers University (formerly The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey), to design a serious game to teach and expose students to home assessment skills which are difficult to teach in traditional classroom formats.

The game will allow students to interact with elements within virtual homes so they can be converted into barrier free living spaces. The learners will be able to walk throughout the virtual homes and select features of the home that need to be remodeled to be fully accessible. For instance, in some of the homes learners will be able to change the height of the countertops or even change the width of the doorways to accommodate a person who uses a wheelchair.

Andrew Hughes, President of Designing Digitally, Inc., indicated that they “…partnered to create this serious game because it is a skill that is difficult to teach in traditional classroom format. Using 3D gaming allows us to simulate multiple home environments in real time and allows the learner to test his or her strategy in a safe, cost effective way that could not be done in the traditional classroom setting.”

Once completed, the 3D serious game will be available for purchase from OpenSesame for integration into school’s learning management systems. The game will be available sometime during the fall of 2013.