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RaySupreme is a new class of 3D modeling and rendering program that features a new approach to 3D graphics called Text-to-3D.  It combines standard 3D development tools with natural language processing to create models and scenes that can be changed by the way a user describes them (via typing text) in English, dramatically changing the 3D development process. People who are not experienced in 3D development can quickly and easily create complex scenes and environments, so this tool is ideal for students learning 3D modeling.

Imagine the possibility of creating a complete “modern day” scene like a living room environment by typing your text description of it, now imagine typing an alternative year like the 1920s, then watching while your scene renders to another time in history. No programming, no special skills – just your imagination and simply typing text.

Full-featured Modeling & Rendering

RaySupreme is a robust 3D modeling and rendering program that includes all of the features of products that cost hundreds of dollars or more, for only $39.99. RaySupreme includes: primitive objects, polygonal modeling, lathe, extrude, Boolean operations, smoothing, materials, and much more. The rendering engine includes final gathering for global illumination, caustics, photon mapping, time-based lighting, procedural sky, simulated effects such as sun, stars, fog and haze, and multithreading.

The product also includes UV unwrapping and texture painting, so there is no need to use external editors. RaySupreme functions like any other conventional 3D modeling & rendering program but also includes language processing technology and creation tools. There is a minimal learning curve for someone experienced with other 3D products. RaySupreme includes detailed user documentation created by professional 3D modelers.


The Text-to-3D component of RaySupreme delivers a new paradigm in 3D modeling. It allows users to create and modify models and scenes using ordinary English statements. For example, users can:

  • Create models by choosing components such as wheels, doors, handles, or shapes;
  • Create scenes by choosing objects such as buildings, cars, or furniture;
  • Manipulate scenes and the objects inside them; for instance, “move the chair 2 feet forward”;
  • Change the time of day or the time period (“It is 1910AD.”) so that objects in a scene change accordingly: lights will turn on or off, a modern car will become a Model T.

RaySupreme is the first product to support Text-to-3D. BrainDistrict will launch a cloud-based service that will be available for smartphones, tablets, next generation TVs, and computers through the website Text-to-3D.com beginning in Q3 2013.

“With its integrated Text-to-3D technology, RaySupreme will revolutionize how 3D content is created and accessed. Soon every English speaking person will be able to create and render 3D content.” -Markus Moenig, BrainDistrict’s founder.

RaySupreme is available for Mac OS X, Windows 7 / 8 and Linux at BrainDistrict.com

Source: Press Release