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10 Digital Storytelling Tools with Teacher Support - Archived

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digital storytelling toolsEveryone has a story to tell, and gone are they days where you need an agent, a publisher and a bank balance to share your stories. Digital storytelling gives students a chance to share their thoughts and creativity with others, and is a great technique for helping them to unlock their artistic side and delve into their imagination. It complements many subjects, such as English, Civics and History where students must use research, writing and organizational skills to create a digital story. It also helps students communicate their thoughts using visual images and learn new multimedia technologies such as video and audio.

Here are 10 digital storytelling tools that provide additional support and resources for teachers. Check out the latest issue of Teaching the AvatarGeneration iPad Magazine for ‘The Ultimate Guide to Digital Storytelling Tools.’

1. Bitstrips

Bitstrips lets users choose the number of frames, images and text to include in their own digital comic strips.


2. Storyboard Generator

Storyboard Generator involves a different kind of creativity, having users choose a pre-written script and creating a storyboard to tell the story in their own way.

3. Pixton

Pixton makes creating comics easy, allowing users to select backgrounds, props and poseable characters for each frame and then adding in their text.

4. Zooburst

Zooburst turns users’ stories into colorful and engaging 3D digital pop-up books.

5. Storybird

Storybird connects art and storytelling, having users create stories based on pieces of art and then sharing them with their friends.

6. Zimmer Twins

Zimmer Twins is designed for younger students to use in the classroom, allowing them to create their own videos from video ‘starters’ and giving teachers the ability to moderate content.

zimmer twins

7. Xtranormal

Xtranormal turns text into a 3D animated movie using a pre-selected collection of characters, including collections such as Homeboyz, Presidentz and Stickz.

8. Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends focuses on sharing stories that can be passed on from generation to generation, allowing users to create text and image-based books or stories with sound and video.

9. Little Bird Tales

Little Bird Tales has users upload pictures and record audio to tell their story as the pictures appear on the screen.

10. Moo

Moo-O is less about telling a new story and more about making a classic story personal, inserting a user’s photo in the story to turn him into a character.