LurnQ Social Learning Platform: How We Learn - Archived

LurnQ is an online social learning platform for learners and teachers. Users can create, share and find lessons on a variety of interesting topics.

Key Features: 

  • Learn Feed: Lessons, opinions & updates around the user’s learning interests delivered to her in a familiar News-feed format.
  • Discover App: points you to content you are looking by scanning through authenticated open learning resources scattered all over the web.
  • Learn App recommends lessons based on the user specified interests and helps her find lessons that are interesting and relevant for her needs.
  • Teach App that allows teachers to create rich media lessons & express their opinions to help their followers/students understand.
  • Library App is the users personal repository of learning. It allows the user to store all that catches her learning eye within LurnQ and from around the web through a simple “Bookmarklet” for easy retrieval anytime, anywhere.


Did you know that web is the most preferred medium for learning these days? Check out this infographic from LurnQ on how learning will evolve in the coming years.