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Have you ever wanted to throw your smartphone out the window or over a building? Well here’s something you haven’t seen before!  TheO™ is an innovative smart ball with a cushioned slot and safety strap that securely fastens a smart device in place, enabling fun ball-based games and activities to be played by children, teenagers, college students or adults. Players can safely roll, toss and  bounce the ball, with the smart device protected safely and securely inside, allowing for a variety of movement-based games.

Physical Apps, the technology company behind TheO, have partnered with WordTeaser® apps to add another dimension of fun to the growing library of mobile apps available for TheO™.  WordTeasers® is a series of clever, table-top word games that get parents and their kids talking, laughing, and thinking—and learning something new at the same time. The newly developed apps for TheO is a fun and physical way to get a conversation started!

Users can simply download the apps from the iTunes store and place their iPhone or iPod Touch inside TheO™. Toss the ball from person to person, and WordTeasers asks players questions designed to be provocative and fun.

TheO™ is available for sale online at  Apps for TheO™ are available on the iTunes store. TheO™ retails for $29.95 and includes the ball plus a selection of free apps from the iTunes store.