Teach Cursive Writing Skills To Kids - Archived

Dev IT Solutions have launched a series of educational apps for iPad and iPhone. One of their apps, “learn alphabet with cursive write” teaches kids to get familiar with alphabets, spellings, sentence construction and writing at the same time. Cursive writing can be fun to learn and the app will keep a child engaged for hours.

A senior spokesperson from Dev IT solutions said, “The app teaches the kids to understand the alphabets in lower case and join them together to form words. Learning cursive writing becomes fun as the app is designed with amazing digital graphics, sounds, etc. The app responds to the child’s touch and teaches word recognition. To learn reading and spelling, one can even join, “the kids English room” on the iPhone and iPad through these links.”

For more information on the Dev IT Solutions app range, please visit: http://www.devitsolutions.com/devitmobileapplication/