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Sokikom is a massively multiplayer online math social learning game designed to help students in grades 1-6 build skills while developing a love for learning math. Integrated with a classroom management tool similar to ClassDojo, teachers can optionally use both products.

Reported in TechCrunch: “Sokikom has raised $2 million in seed funding, half of which comes in the form of a grant from the Institute of Education Sciences (a research branch within the U.S. Department of Education) and the other half comes in the form of angel funding from former Intel Chairman and CEO Dr. Craig Barrett and Zynga co-founder Steve Schoettler, among others”.

Sokikom offers kids the ability to play individually or with a group. During individual game-play, kids go through a personalized math program that adapts to their abilities. If a student is stuck on a problem, the character, such as the friendly robot in Frachine, points them to a “help” button where the concept is reviewed. During team-based multiplayer games, students play together in real-time and help each other complete math tasks. As they master levels, challenges and multiplayer games, they earn Soki-Coins, which they can use to purchase items online to dress their avatar.

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