Implementing Khan Academy in the Math Classroom [Vimeo] - Archived

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The K12 Technology Summit is a yearly forum for senior-level information technology administrators from school districts all over the US. Participants share best practices, exchange ideas, and build new relationships with their peers, and we have come across a bank of interesting talks from the summit that are worth a watch. This particular talk from the Los Altos School District describes the work that they have done using Khan Academy in math classrooms. Of interest is how the district have used Khan Academy to implement blended learning in their classrooms.

The talk gives some practical examples of how the technology is being used in their school district, outlines their 2011-2012 implementation, and descibes the results through the voices of the students themselves. We found that the talk was a fascinating practical example of how blended learning has transformed a school disctrict. Whatever you may think about the benefits / pitfalls of blended learning, this talk delves into many concepts and ideas that are of interest to all educators.