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Rounds: Parker Penguin – App Review - Archived

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Penguins are one of nature’s most endearing and fascinating creatures, and NosyCrow’s latest storytelling app, Rounds: Parker Penguin uses an age-old story to teach kids from 3 – 7 years about the life-cycle of the penguin.

The app revolves around the story of Parker, a charming penguin and his activities in the Antarctic. It combines narrative storytelling with educational information, and user interaction. Players can interact with the story by moving Parker and getting him to waddle, slide, swim, hunt and march around the icy backdrop (e.g. tipping the screen helps Parker slide around the Antarctic slopes on his belly and dive into the water). Along the way, Parker meets a female penguin (Penelope) and together they make a tiny penguin egg, which hatches into a fluffy baby penguin (Percy).

The app takes the reader through the stages of a penguin’s life from birth to parenthood, allowing players to help Parker grow up, move around the Antarctic environment on land and in the water, hunt, avoid predators, march to his breeding ground, meet a mate, protect an egg and hatch a chick. During the story, players learn facts about penguins, the Antarctic and some of the other animals that live there.

Playing this app, we found the images were very engaging, stylish and age appropriate, and the sounds very realistic. In fact, the music was composed by a  BAFTA award-winning composer, Robin Beanland. The app also allows players to both read and play, or just read by themselves, which promotes progression with reading ability.

Rounds: Parker Penguin is available on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes store.