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reading eggsWe previously covered the Eggy Words app from Reading Eggs, and we were interested in their new app focusing on spelling, vocabulary and literacy skills. The Reading Eggs Spelling app uses spelling and letter games for kids in Grades 1-6. Each app includes 10 spelling games that reinforce a different literacy skill, including proofreading, word endings and plurals, compound words, and syllables.

Colourful animations, catchy songs and rewards keep kids engaged with the gaming platform, and keen to learn new lessons. The app itself, according to the developers, is based on the key teaching principle that the most effective learning takes place whilst having fun. In effect, the app captivates students with an interactive sensory environment to increase learning motivation and engagement.

We reviewed the Grade 3 Reading Eggs Spelling app and played the 10 different spelling games. It is evident that there has been a good deal of input from educationalists into developing this app. There is a lot of thought and pedagogy that has been used to create the games, and with the addition of the lively graphics makes this an exemplary spelling app.

A selection of the games that we thought were particularly useful for students were:

  • Beat the Bomb is designed to help players identify recurring patterns in English such as syllables, prefixes and compound words.
  • Check Mate hones proofreading skills, and develops visual skills (i.e. knowing when a word is spelt correctly or not).
  • Compound Word Snaps highlights how the concept of putting two words together to make one compound word.
  • Hit and Miss helps players differentiate between words that look and sound alike (i.e. homophones).
  • Two Minute Dash gets players to build a word wall, where three word parts are put together to make a proper word. This game is designed to develop integrated audio / visual skills.

Some of the key features of the app include:

  • Suitable for ages 6 to 12, but can also be used by older students who need extra support with spelling.
  • Fully interactive games keep students engaged by arranging words through ‘touch and drag’ motions, typing in missing letters, and receiving voice feedback (in some games) with correct pronunciation of words and sentences.
  • Each game transports students to a vibrant new setting, including a pirate ship, the carnival, and even to outer space – providing the sensory environment necessary to keep them motivated and engaged whilst learning.
  • Develops key literacy skills including encoding, proofreading, compound words, word endings and plurals, homophones (homonyms), meanings, syllables, phonics, vocabulary, speed and some spelling rules.
  • Each spelling game was written by renowned Australian primary educator Del Merrick, informed by her extensive experience developing and implementing improved literacy practices in primary schools throughout Australia and overseas.

Reading Eggs is available for iPad and can be downloaded via iTunes. The full version of Reading Eggs Spelling allows you to choose a specific school grade from 1 to 6 to match your child’s age and reading level.

Reading Eggs Lite is also available as a free version containing general content from Spelling Games 1 – 6 apps.

Check out the full list of apps available on the Reading Eggs website.