Helps Middle-Schoolers Conquer Fractions - Archived

This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant have released their third math app game for middle schoolers. Ordering fractions from least to greatest may strike fear in the hearts of students, but give them a compare and ordering fractions game, and that fear is greatly diminished, as the students’ skills improve.

How does it work? Here’s an example: The Ordered Fractions game begins with a roll of the dice. Students create fractions by entering numbers to the display board. They may enter the fractions and position them in ascending order by comparing fractions. At any time the students may restart the process. The program offers assistance for enhancing the learning and solidifying the concepts. Teacher intervention is minimal.

The interactive use of iPads, iPods, and iPhones combine gameplay with learning in a familiar and relaxed atmosphere. The app takes students from simple to complex, keeping track of progress.

But watch out! The app is “sneaky.” In addition to announcing when the student “gets it right,” it also alerts the student about an incorrect answer and then assists towards the correct one. The result is that very quickly the student progresses into the domain of creating common denominators. Each mode provides several increasingly challenging levels and opportunities to practice. And if traditional equations must be produced, the app provides a whiteboard function for the purpose.

You can learn more about the math apps here: Ordered Fractions: Compare and Order Fractions Game