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Game Based Learning: Power of Research 3D Hospital Game - Archived

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The Power of Research is a free 3D hospital learning game where players become virtual medical doctors and treat patients in real time. The learning game features more than 12 different illnesses, 120 different patients, 11 different rooms, many different diagnosis methods such as x-ray, CT, lab tests, etc. and also a wide spectrum of treatments including injections, infusions, surgery, tablets and casts.

Every player starts out in his own hospital as a doctor with basic skills and earns experience by successfully treating patients. A virtual patient initially receives a basic examination and based on the results further tests such as x-rays can be done to make a correct diagnosis possible. Depending on the diagnosis, players are prompted with appropriate treatment steps for them to fulfill, so that the virtual patients can then finally leave the hospital healed and fully recovered. All this needs to be completed before the health or the mood of the patient drops below a certain level, which will prompt a patient to leave. In addition the current energy and hygiene level of the doctor needs to be managed throughout.

game based learning

When players reach higher experience levels they are able to use an additional examination room, have more slots in their inventory and can use more equipment. Every player sees how good the others perform through a local (country based) and a worldwide high score. The challenge of the game is to plan necessary examinations and treatments based on available resources (rooms and medications). This has to be done under increasing time pressure, as patients are arriving at shorter time intervals at higher levels.

The game graphics feature a full 3D environment, where players can change between different camera modes and simply click on patients or cabinets to interact with them in an easy way.

game based learning

The game is funded by the European Union through the 7th Framework Programme for research and is aimed at bringing young people from all over Europe closer to real science on the one hand, and to present possible scientific careers in a comprehensible and tangible way on the other hand. “Power of Research” is already supported by five Nobel Prize winners and several international renowned researchers.

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