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Are you a teacher? Do you like game based learning? Would you be interested in participating in a study? It won’t take more than one hour of your time and will be very worthwhile!

I’m currently studying a Masters in Technology & Learning and require participants for my final project. The study is about how to train teachers for emergency situations in school through game based learning. Can games be used to help teachers train for crisis events? Will playing games encourage teachers to teach with games? This is what the study is asking.

As a participant you will be required to download and play a 3D game designed to train teachers in Emergency Management, and answer a short survey before and after the game. You can do this on your home PC or laptop (No Mac version sorry!).

Run, Hide or Fight

Emergencies on school property are caused by a wide variety of uncontrollable events. For some countries the threat of earthquakes is a priority while others fear hurricanes, school shootings or the spread of disease. In preparation for the unpredictable, many schools now develop an emergency management plan in anticipation of crisis events. First responders are the initial group of people on scene including police, fire and medical personnel, but response times can vary depending on location. For this reason it is important that teachers are adequately trained in emergency management and possess the skills to cope in changeable circumstances.

The Game covers 3 areas: Man Made Disasters (Fire Safety), Medical Emergencies and Targeted Violence (School Shootings).

Emergency Management Teacher Training There are 7 steps to complete the training:

1. Information Sheet [Download]

2. Consent Form [Download]

3. Pre Survey >>[3 mins]

4. Play the Game [15-20 mins]

5. Reflection Report  [5 mins]

6. Post Survey >>[3 mins]

Thanks to all who participated, the study is now closed.