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Pora Ora  the 3D educational virtual world used by over 500 schools is launching a range of educational apps.
Their first offering Pora Ora: LeapFrog delivers a fun and exciting way to learn multiplication on-the-go. Divided into three packs, each configured to different levels of difficulty, kids will blossom from ‘Tadpoles’, to ‘Little Frogs’ and become ‘High Jumpers’. Pora Ora: Bubble Trouble is their another great math app for kids aged 5-10 years where they burst numbered bubbles in the correct order to complete sequences.

Pora Ora, part of Caped Koala Studios, is on a mission to bring education into the 21st Century. With more and more schools and children using mobile devices, their latest project promises to deliver bite sized education with a high dose of fun. Channelling the competitive and motivational elements of gaming, Pora Ora LeapFrog really allows children to master  their times tables and progress in a time frame that suits them.

“We’ve always been huge advocates of game based learning. It’s effective, engaging and above all entertaining. Our ultimate aim has always been about making children passionate about learning. We are really excited to announce our move into the app market, which will introduce the benefits of Pora Ora to an even greater audience.” Neil Gallagher, CEO Caped Koala.

With planned future enhancements including multi-player functionality and the ability to reap progress rewards within Pora Ora, players will be able to boost their Pora Ora  profile and spend their  hard earned online virtual currency within the different themed worlds. With more to come, Pora Ora apps are set to be a huge hit with parents, teachers and children alike.

Download Pora Ora: LeapFrog on iTunes or GooglePlay.

Download Pora Ora: Bubble Trouble on iTunes or GooglePlay.

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