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Curious Hat Inc.™, a new provider of interactive and educational mobile applications, is delighted to announce the availability of Eye Paint MyDIARY, the latest addition to their popular Eye Paint app series. The Eye Paint series offers children the unique opportunity to create amazing illustrations alongside world-renowned artists. Through exploration and ingenuity, children are able to add their personal touch to a range of wacky illustrations, making them their own.

Founded in January 2012, Curious Hat produces innovative educational mobile applications for iPhone and iPad for curious kids and explorers from 3 to 9yrs. The Curious Hat apps focus on the importance of engaging children with the environment, allowing them to express their creativity and sense of exploration.


Eye Paint MyDIARY is available in English, Italian and Japanese, and features the illustrations and animations of Japanese Artist, Mitsue Haya. It follows Eye Paint Halloween and most recently, Eye Paint Animals, which has been downloaded by over 40K users since its release in November 2012. Eye Paint Monsters, which was initially released as Eye Paint Halloween, is currently also scheduled for release later this month, with new graphics from Italian artist, Francesco Chiacchio.

EyePaint MyDIARY Eye Paint uses the mobile device’s camera to capture colors, patterns and textures to interactively fill areas in the drawings with an organic range of shades, textures and features, such as flowers or grass, a piece of furniture or even fur. The final result is a unique piece of art. Eye Paint is colorful, animated and extremely easy to use – even for very young children.

“Children are exposed to visual stimulation from a very early age, so it plays a crucial role in their development,” said Curious Hat Creative Director, Nadia Andreini. “The Eye Paint series introduces children to the illustrations of a wide range of international artists, and their unique styles. With Eye Paint MyDIARY, we are delighted to introduce the amazing Mitsue Haya and her charming illustrations, which follow the adventures of a range of cute characters who find themselves in unusual daily situations – with some unexpected surprises! The animations encourage children to interact with the characters, and to find out what’s hiding in each picture.”

MyDIARY artist, Mitsue Haya, said: “What struck me immediately about the Eye Paint series is that it uses visual language to engage children in an active way. Children are encouraged to think and explore the world around them, taking them beyond the confines of the screen. The creativity of children is boundless. It is our task as adults to foster and develop this.”

“Our goal is to develop a range of apps which share content, and which can be used by kids to extend their educational and discovery experiences through the use of mobile devices,” said Curious Hat CTO, Erwan Maigret. “Over the coming months, we will be launching further apps in multiple areas (mathematics, words, travel, creation…) to offer a complete suite of activities, which encourage kids and parents to interact with each other.”

Check out Eye Paint MyDIARY available in the Apple App Store.

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