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AvatarGeneration is excited to announce the launch of our first IPad Magazine ‘Teaching The AvatarGeneration’. Available now in the iTunes  store, this educational magazine makes it easy for you to keep track of new educational apps, learning games, classroom resources and key trends in the educational technology world. Whether you’re in the edtech industry, a teacher or a parent ‘Teaching The AvatarGeneration Magazine’ is for you.

Educational technology has exploded into the lives of teachers, parents and smart kids. Learning apps, educational games, smart-boards and technology-based teaching aids have changed classroom management, lesson planning and parenting in the 21st Century. For both teachers and parents, new teaching trends are important to be aware of; the flipped classroom, game based learning, edutainment and serious games are all having an impact on our students and children.

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Our educational magazine aims to keep our readers ahead of the curve, helping educators look for the best teaching resources, school apps, classroom games, ideas for homework help and home schooling resources for parents. Children are becoming more familiar with technology and our goal is to help equip you with the tools available for the education of this ‘avatar generation’.

Originally we wanted to release an educational discovery app, but unfortunately our fundraising target was not met. But we’re even more delighted with our new EdTech magazine and hope our readers enjoy it too! Our first issue dives into game based teaching with great links & practical tips. Read in-depth reviews of educational apps, case studies, edtech research, videos & get tips for choosing the best apps.


Issue 1 January 2013 Contents

Game Based Teaching

  • Why Kids Should Learn To Code
  • 11 Tools To Teach Kids How To Code
  • How Teachers Use Minecraft
  • Learning Styles Applied To Games


  • Guide to Using Glogster
  • Edmodo
  • Google 101 For Your Classroom



  • Tips For Choosing An Educational App
  • Augmented Reality in Education
  • Top 5 TEDED videos of 2012
  • 6 EdTech Research Studies


  • Shakespeare In Bits


  • Monster Physics
  • Learnist
  • Math Bingo