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Wondershare’s Video Editor V3.1: A Fantastic Movie Making Solution for the Classroom; Ideal for Creating Holiday Movies for Parents, Classroom Projects, and More.

Tis the season to give back to the community, and this year Wondershare Software would like to help the Elementary, Middle and High Schools in the US, Canada and Mexico by giving away copies of Video Editor V3.1. Wondershare knows that many schools like to use technology in the classroom to help make holiday gifts for parents, and what could be better than a holiday movie for mom & dad?  Or perhaps an educator needs a video editing tool with more “oomph” than what comes free with the computer or something less complex than the typical after-market video editing software packages. Wondershare is devoting itself to contributing more to the community as an IDG invested company, and is proud to give back to schools this holiday season.

Wondershare Video Editor V3.1 for Windows is a very simple to use video editing & movie making utility that doesn’t skimp on fun features. Importing video clips from a camera or on the computer, trimming as needed, adding effects and titles, and stringing together video clips into a complete movie complete with transitions couldn’t be simpler. New scene detection can intelligently split a single video clip into multiple scenes. Share the final movie by uploading to YouTube & Facebook; create a DVD to watch at home on the big screen, or transfer to mobile phones & tablets for viewing anywhere, anytime.

For a limited time, Wondershare Software is giving away free copies of Video Editor V3.1 to any Elementary, Middle, or High School who contacts the company and makes a request, no strings attached. Whether a single computer or an entire computer lab needs Video Editor V3.1, Wondershare Software will try and accommodate all requests.

Get More Information & Request Free Software

Wondershare Video Editor 3.1 is available FREE to Elementary, Middle, and High Schools located within the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Interested educators are requested to contact Wondershare at software4school@wondershare.com to request copies of Video Editor 3.1 for their classroom or school. Wondershare Software shall determine at its own discretion the number of copies to donate to a particular school and reserves the right to terminate the program at any time without notice.

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