Universe in a Box: Bringing Astronomy into the Classroom - Archived

The European Union Universe Awareness project is developing ‘Universe in a Box,’ a low-cost activity kit to help teachers introduce astronomy to their students. It provides both practical activities and the materials needed.

Universe in a Box is designed to help teachers explain the difficult and sometimes abstract concepts of astronomy. The specific activities or the modules as a whole can be used in a classroom or a playroom, with an ideal instructor to student ratio of 1:20.

What’s in the Box?

Universe in a Box has a modular design and comes with three modules: Earth-Moon-Sun System, The Planets, and The World of Constellations. Apart from the relevant background and activity descriptions, a handbook, which is in loose-leaf folder format, also offers ideas for teaching integrated astronomy with other disciplines, guidance on further experimentation, and photocopiable craft templates to extend and apply the newly learned knowledge

UNAWE is currently working on establishing a framework for the production and distribution of Universe in a Box to deliver localised versions of the box to its 40 network countries within three years. Do-it-Yourself kits for the Box will also be made available in 2013 for educators / countries to assemble their own versions.

If you would like to be involved in the development of Universe in a Box and would like to request for a prototype, fill in the form on the UNAWE website.