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The Miracle of Life is a complete educational application focused on the human life cycle, specifically designed as an ideal educational tool for children 10 to 14 years old. Available in both English and Spanish, its creation has been supervised by professionals in the fields of education and medicine.

It includes interactive illustrations, games, and animation clips, which allow users to discover an entirely new form of learning. Taking advantage of the iPad’s capabilities, a new navigation gives the application a narrative continuity that captures the user’s attention and motivates interaction.

The teaching content is grouped into three sections:


  • A fascinating journey where the sperm must overcome all kinds of obstacles in order to reach the egg.
  • We learn about sperm cells and the hostile environments they encounter during their journey to reach the egg. We are also introduced to the egg and learn about the processes of conception and segmentation.


  • During the nine months of pregnancy, we can observe the changes in the mother’s body and the evolution of the fetus up until the time of birth.
  • We consider the peculiarities of the umbilical cord, explore the functioning of the neurons, and find out why some mothers give birth to twins.
  • This section concludes with an explanation of birth.


  • A pleasant stroll through the stages that we all pass through from infancy to old age.
  • Important milestones in the human growth and aging process are then explained, from the appearance of the baby teeth and the learning process for speech, through the hormonal revolution of puberty, and finishing with a description of the changing human body as the aging process takes place throughout the lifespan.
  • Other additions to this section include some surprising information about birthrates around the world, and an entertaining game where kids will discover facts on life expectancy for other life forms.

The application is rounded out by a fun educational game: You must help a tiny sperm navigate through the female reproductive system. Your mission: fertilize the egg. To do this, you must complete five exciting phases, loading up on energy and speed to overcome all of the difficulties you will find along the way.

Here are a few testimonials:

We were especially motivated by the idea that parents and teachers should be able to describe the miracle of life in a way that has a real impact on the kids.” –  Project Director, Imaxina – Novas tecnoloxías.

“Kids in the 21st century already have the means available to experience a more effective manner of learning.” – Esther Díaz Llaniella, Professor of Primary Education

” I really enjoyed explaining to my 8-year-old daughter how her little brother had already begun to grow.” – María Otero Abeijón

There is also a free trial version of The Miracle of Life, available at the Apple Store, which can be downloaded by anyone interested in taking a look at this application’s features and originality before deciding whether to purchase the complete version.

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