The impact of grade repetition and early school leaving [UNESCO Report + Infographic] - Archived

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UNESCO have released their 2012 report on the global impact of grade repetition and early school leaving. They have detailed data from most countries around the world, and some of the statistics are surprising.

  • About one-third of the world’s children live in countries where lower secondary education is formally considered compulsory but where gross enrollment ratios fall below 90%.
  • In sub-Saharan Africa, 14% of primary school pupils from the poorest households repeat a grade, compared to 10% of those from the richest households, according to household survey data.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest dropout rate, at 42%, meaning that more than two in five children who started school in 2009 will probably not reach the last grade of primary education.
  • Pupils who are over-age for their grade – due to late entry or repetition – are at greater risk of leaving school early.
  • Across sub-Saharan Africa, about one in six pupils (17%) leave school before reaching Grade 2.

They have also released a visualisation and infographic which put into stark detail the problems with early school leaving.